Robin Duncan, CEO

“Now Faith is the Substance of Things Hoped for, Evidence of Things Not Seen.”


With unwavering faith, creative energy and flair for fashion, Robin Duncan is developing a new line of clothing with the intent to promote peace, love, joy and hope for all through her edgy T-shirts designs with inspiring and encouraging words and phrases, that will infuse and promote positive energy of expectancy into everyday life.


The Mass Collection is inspired by Robin’s hope that as people of all ages and walks of life wear the creative designs, it will ignite a movement to spread Faith, Love, Joy, Happiness and Peace throughout all mankind. Robin believes Faith allows us all to hope with an attitude of expectancy. The mission of The Mass Collection is to wear it and share universal messages and phrase that will encourage and uplift all people.


Born in Rochester, New York and reared in Nashville, Tn., this woman of many talents is carving a niche in the fashion world through her creative touch. Her goal is to inspire her consumers to feel better about themselves and the world in which we live in. Despite life’s oppositions and obstacles one may encounter, faith is the guiding principle for Robin’s creative and innovative business for ready to wear clothing for the masses. To wear a piece of The Mass Collection is to spread a message of Peace, Love, Joy, and Hope!

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